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I'm from South Jamaica, Queens, New York. I'm a huge music nerd like all of us, but I got into it pretty late, around high school. I started playing flute around 13-14, piano around 16, teaching myself to sing around 16, and saxophone in the last year. I went to UMass and was in marching band and concert band all sorts of choirs. When I started directing the gospel choir, that's when I fell in love with the idea of production, specifically composing and arranging music. When the pandemic hit, I learned how to make beats. Though I love singing and making music, I want to produce and write for others because that truly brings me joy. My end goal is to have my own record label one day. I'm also an avid writer, hoping to publish a short story book. I currently work for aflac, selling insurance because I am not quite making money yet.

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