Step 5) Data Climb

A.K.A. "Competing in the Industry"

1) Phase 1 - First Circle Breakout (FCBO)
2) Phase 2 - Positioning
3) Phase 3 - Expansion
4) Other Data Climb Opportunities

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Welcome to Step 5, the secret weapon we offer if you want to compete in the music industry. Let's begin unpacking that sentence by asking the questions you're thinking:

- Give me the secret weapons immediately, please.
- No thanks, I know what it means to compete.
- Secret weapons, now please.

That's right, you're probably not asking questions, but you should be. Why? Because most people lunge headfirst into the ocean of "competing in the music industry" and when they come up for air they don't even know what they're doing anymore or why. Competition in the music industry is weird, so get smart about it now with us here. Step 5 will show you what music industry competition is & how to do it - and both of these things are secret weapons in themselves.

(If you're not interested in music industry competition because you're enjoying the Doing of the Thing in Step 4, then skip Step 5 and head to Step 6 because a surprise awaits you there.)

What is Competition in the Music Industry?

How do You COmpete in the Music Industry?

Let us now explain your secret weapon action strategy in full:


step 5: Data Climb

1) Phase 1 - First Circle Breakout (FCBO)

2) Phase 2 - positioning

3) Phase 3 - Expansion

4) Other Data Climb Opportunities

That was meaty. You deserve credit for learning so much. Keep going.

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