Step 4) Climb

A.K.A. "Doing the Thing"

1) The Art: Doing the Thing
2) The Business: 5 Pockets & Revenue-Generation
3) Critical Few: First Release & Lifts

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Well hello. You finished the 3 Preparation Steps. You've now set up the foundation of your music career, the red slab of earth that your Mountain sits upon. Most musicians, even the famous ones you admire, never build such a foundation - you’re incredibly far ahead right now. You’re ready for the 3 Climbing Steps.

Welcome to your dream career. 

Listen very carefully because we mean what we just said: this is it, Step 4 is the dream, because it’s what we call “The Doing of the Thing”. Technically, the 3 Preparation Steps were also part of your dream career, but we get that all that setup wasn’t exactly what you’ve been dreaming of doing. The Doing of the Thing is what you came here for - take a breath of relief, you made it.

Get to Step 4 and you’re successful in our opinion. Period, end of report. Stay on Step 4 forever if you want, and you could be one of the most successful humans in history. You heard us right again: you don’t need to get to Step 5 if it doesn’t fit into your Definition of Success - Step 4 is The Thing that’s dreamed of. At Step 4, you’re Doing the Thing of a music career, which wasn’t possible for 99.99999% of people before - either because music wasn’t recorded yet (so performance was the only front-line career option and it was even more rare and also not very comparable to what we know as front-line careers), or because you needed a record label to turn music from a hobby into a career, which was a double-edged sword because of how risky & detrimental record label deals used to pretty much exclusively be. You’re very lucky to be born at this time in history. You get to Do the Thing.

Step 4 will do the following: get your mind right about how you get to spend your life on this career (Doing the Thing), shed light on where the money comes from (Revenue-Generation), tip you off about keeping an eye open for what we call "Lifts" so you can pounce on them, and then polish off your industry education with a sneak peek at MIC's 5 music industry "Pockets" we conceptualize with our Process Manuals (5 Pockets).

Also, since The Mountain is about balancing your Art, Business and Personal, notice that two of these sections indicate what is The Art and The Business now in your career - there's no section for The Personal because that's simply how you live your life, and only you know what kind of energy/time/money you need for that. When you set up your Planning Structures in your planners/calendars (Step 1), balance all three. This is how you keep perspective and avoid overwhelm and confusion.


step 4: Climb

1) The Art: Doing the Thing

2) The Business: 5 Pockets ...






... & Revenue-GEneration

3) Critical Few: First Release ...

... & Lifts

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