Step 1) The Music World

A.K.A. "Product Development"


1) Definition of Success
2) Physical & DIgital WOrld
3) Planning Structures

Welcome to Basecamp!

Before we share The Mountain, we want you to know that MIC's Mission is to change the way people see music careers so more musicians can use them to improve quality of life, long-term, world-wide. This includes both "doing the thing" and competing in the business world - depending on your personal Definition of Success. In order to do achieve this MIC Mission, we don’t charge for reading The Mountain here on our website, because we know costs easily soar very high for independent musicians - and although we offer Consulting, a lot of musicians can benefit greatly from simply reading the Mountain, and since our goal is to help everyone possible, this is how we do things here.

Also, requiring our Consulting clients to read and follow the Mountain before we schedule sessions with them ensures that we're only stepping in and getting paid for our unique expert business strategy planning services, not the initial setup that we believe they can do on their own using this Mountain method. Again, this is how we help everyone possible - and we believe that musicians definitely need to invest money into their careers, but there's a time and place to do so, because everyone's assets of money/time/energy are limited.

The first 3 Steps are the "Prep Steps" that build the foundation of your career - represented by the red base of The Mountain. The next 3 steps are the "Climb Steps", where you find success in "the doing of the thing" (you'll see what we mean by that soon) and then competing in the business realm - this is represented by the triangle mountain of The Mountain. In our books, anyone that Climbs at all (whether they compete in the business or not) is very, very successful - and also rare because few people pursue their dreams.

Before we begin, we want to further explain Step 5, there the business competition happens. You'll see that Step 5 leaves a lot of room for interpretation through more business education and data analysis - it's not as completely flushed out like the other steps because it is so complex and nuanced that we couldn’t fit a thorough yet simplified synopsis of it all online at our website here. Its content is nearly the length of a textbook, not an article like the other steps. That said, our Consulting services exist mainly to tackle Step 5 because it's only for indies who aim for deep industry competition, like signing to a label or gaining other partners - and this involves a significant amount of questioning and analysis. In the future we hope to offer more tools than Consulting to train indies in Step 5, but for now if you find you want help with your Step 5, please reach out here.

Regardless of your Step 5 involvement, remember to end with the top of The Mountain, Step 6! It’s published here online and will send you off on the note that we at MIC all strive towards. It is good.

As you read The Mountain, remember that it is a step-by-step approach for many reasons: we've optimized many different functions and requirements across music careers into a super efficient, deliberate order that we highly recommend. Some pieces need to happen before others (and some don’t need to happen at all, so we took those out), and we've weaved together some stellar shortcuts so you don't overlap your hard work. We’re seriously happy you’re here, we’ve worked very on hard on this so we could share it with you - enjoy your climb, and Welcome to The Mountain.

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You’re standing at the bottom of a Mountain, looking up - you want to climb it. Or, you’re here because you paused your Mountain climb after some roadblocks, and you’re headed back to basecamp for a little while. Either way, welcome to The Mountain. Let’s begin the 3 Prep Steps of The Mountain: building the sturdy foundation that supports your climb. Step 1 is about your Product Development.

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Background Info

What is Product Development?

Why does Step 1 Matter?

What Is "the Music World"?

Does This Make me Money Yet?

step 1:

1) Definition of Success

2) Physical & Digital World

3) Planning Structures





That's our very simplified, bare-bones list of what is risky to forget or avoid - we hope it helps you avoid common pitfalls that hamper indies' progress, and gives you peace of mind to avoid that common "did I forget anything?!" panic. As you add your own items, we suggest keeping it simple because there is a lot of other work to be done in the coming Steps.

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