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Tom Vesch

about me

I am former music major at West Virginia University and trombonist, featuring classical and jazz. After college, my life path took me to the legal world , where I've had a long and successful career but music has always been there right under the surface. Whether singing with a friends band occasionally, writing lyrics, karaoke or open stage / mic nights or dabbling with the bass guitar, I am interested in all aspects of music and have continued to make /create /write & promote music here and there. I assisted with MIC this past Summer to begin the process of finding my way back into the music world on a more prominent level. Also just because I believe in MIC's mission. A lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, I am bullish on the current vibe in Pittsburgh in many aspects. We are on the rise and I believe the music scene here is on the rise as well. I believe MIC is positioned to be a big part of it. As a volunteer at the Deutschtown Music Festival the last few years I've seen 1st hand the level of musical and creative talent rising along with many other aspects of Pittsburgh. My other interests include biking (a lot!), my classic car, travel and all things Pittsburgh! I love this town. Rock on...

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