THe Welcome Letter

From our Founder / CEO Emily Plazek & Millaze.

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MIC is “Music Industry Connected” because we connect the puzzle pieces of what a music career actually looks like,
revealing the industry & human secrets you didn’t know that you didn’t know. 

Hey there,

Founder Emily Plazek here. I wrote this letter for those of you that want a little more than our "less is more" style - so let me answer some of the extra questions I'm guessing you're asking: 

Let's ask the real first question: What is MIC trying to sell you?

Next question: I want a successful music career, am I in the right place?

Let's back it up a little, to something you just said above: Is getting a "firm grip" really that rare in the music industry? 

Okay, then why & how does MIC think it can help me? Do you offer anything other than The Mountain?

Now I want to know what’s MIC’s deal? Who are you people?

Final question: Okay, I'm on board! What are my next steps? 

Step 1) Read The 6 Step Mountain Theory on our website, here.

This is The Mountain, at its core. It’s a simple 6 Step theory that helps you conceptualize the zoomed-out big picture of your career, and how to “climb” your music career Mountain. Simply reading the 6 Steps helps most musicians get a firmer mental grip on how to tackle some of their deeper issues and troubles, so we keep The Mountain here in our Sanctuary blog for free. Our goal is to make success possible in every music career, worldwide, so offering the theory for free on our site is how we’re helping the most musicians we can across the world.

Also, we know what it’s like to operate without the luxury of a big budget, so offering it for free is how we ensure that The Mountain remains in the realistic parameters of what true indie musicians actually have at their disposal (we make sure all our research stays in these realistic parameters, as well).

Step 2) Enjoy our other free educational products, and interact with us - request what you want to learn more about!

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Sanctuary Blog.

We have fun with this: our social media and blog is where we share the secrets of the industry that we sneak around like secret agents/scientists to find and reveal to indies. In fact, we take requests! If something about the music industry or your career is baffling you, send us your burning questions through DMs or here on our "Contact Us" page - then keep an eye out for us to address it.

Step 3) When you want more personal help, plan One-on-One Consulting - here.

As The Mountain’s Creator & Lead Strategy Expert, I train the next league of MIC Consultants from our rising intern teams, and together we personally work with musicians, managers, and labels. Consulting isn’t for everyone, so we’ll help us both understand if it makes sense for you, and then offer some other solutions. I’m pretty hell-bent on not making indies dependent on us through contracts and percentage deals - so I get creative on how we step in to help, then step out and let you go free. 

Thank you, all my interns, freelancers, and musician friends over the years. We did what no one else has done. We created a holistic approach to conceptualizing a dream that helps improve the quality of peoples' lives, instead of the pocket-digging the way a lot of our industry unfortunately does. We are the living proof, "doing the thing" of a music career on the regular, and living our best lives while working with the realities of our human bodies & brains. 

We stand in the next music world that's already begun: the amount of true indie musicians out there will only continue to rise, at the benefit of all of us (hello, more music to listen to & artist friends to make!). So many humans across history dreamed of this day, and we're the lucky ones who get to live it.

And to whoever you are, fellow musician, welcome to The Mountain, too - begin, or continue, your adventure here.

- Emily Plazek

Creator of The Mountain
Founder/Lead Strategy Expert
MIC: Music Industry Connected
June 5, 2021