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Primary IMBM Guinea Pig

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Burn Out Wisely and Re-prioritize (i.e. Music Releases, Press, and Live Shows)

Yeah, be human and burn out -- but know that you can learn the pattern and work with it, so your career keeps going up.

My deepest fear, why I hide my music (+ how MIC and my fictional world of Oakland help)

A naked and uncomfortable-to-write but important post about the emotions some indies truly go through.

The Secret Recipe for indie sound achievement without bands or mad $$

This one's for you, fellow musicians who don't know how to craft a whole, produced song past their solo singer-songwriter instruments.

What is Millaze? (+ writing a bamf indie music bio because you're indie and get to do that)

Writing your own bio allows you to get away from the hype track of the industry, and share your great art with the world.

Week 1 - What do I mean by the "Process" of an indie music career?

The IMBM moves to phase 2: showing the actual "how-to" of being an indie musician.

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