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Emily Plazek

about me

I’m the founder of MIC PGH – the IMBM has been my baby since 2009. I’m the entrepreneur behind all of this, because I started as a musician (well, I still am one, hence the passion & real-time relevancy behind the IMBM mission.) Like a ton of musicians, I grew up in a musical household: dad was a radio DJ/drummer, mom was a professional church organist/choir director. Kept little notebook diaries and started writing songs in in 3rd grade; started obsessing over George Winston in 8th grade and wrote hella-depressing piano-solo stuff like Holocaust themes for school projects/plays. I dabbled in trumpet (I sucked), percussion (idk how but I got away with never having to play an actual drum but thank god), jazz piano (hands were too small but I LOVED this one), and opera voice (I still study this one!). Now I'm millaze -- piano-improv alt trap music that bears the first rounds of all the IMBM experiments. Shoutout to On Tap Productions and ders/FM Snö for helping make that music dream come true. What else. I’m also a cycling/kickboxing/mindfulness instructor at the YMCA. I happen to be trained in corporate consulting, market research analysis, steel and industrial manufacturing because I went to business school to begin studying the IMBM solo, and I ended up in many places along the way to build up the fund$ to startup MIC. Also, if I don't mention here that I want a dog so much that my heart aches, then you would walk away not knowing me at all.

my latest posts
How MIC is different than every other music company.

We construct the steady table that holds the puzzle on top. We nurture the roots and trunk of the tree. We're about the big picture.

Lucius Soze: The PGH Artist who opened for Logic, G-Eazy, and Hoodie Allen

If you’re watching the hip hop scene in Pittsburgh, get ready to follow Lucius Soze.

BBGuns is Thirsty

Singer/Rapper Lazy JP and wordsmith Barz Blackman mix Hip-Hop and Indie Rock

Adam Meyers: Solo Artist, Jaywalker Front Man, and True Indie Musician

Adam Meyers proves you can go after your love of music and end up a solo artist, in a band, and able to help charities

Buffalo Rose's new single release + Schenley Park release show tonight prove that indies get aesthetic, philosophical, and musical freedom

Listen to Buffalo Rose's new single "The Last One" live tonight at Schenley Park -- and stream their modern folk all day to get pumped for it!

Wale Drummer Eric Curry on how to stay in killer shape while traveling the country on tour for a living

Wale drummer Eric Curry took my cycling class because he doesn't miss a beat staying in shape while touring the country! Here's how he meets his music career and fitness goals with a tour bus life.

Communication with your fans makes them want to be your fans (duh.) [Level 1 - Fans]

If you communicate with your fans, they'll be your friends, and that's kinda what this is all about.

Home Runs will simplify EVERYTHING in your music career [Level 1 - Fans]

If you always go after singles and doubles in your music career, you're wasting your time, money, and energy.

How to get the press to pay attention to you & your music [Level 1 - Fans]

Don't be part of the noise in music-writers' inboxes - get them to WANT to write about you.

True Fans are the answer to your music career woes (& why your friends/family might not "get it") [Level 1 - Fans]

Do your social media stats feel pointless? Are you taking what your friends/family think about your music career too seriously? Learn about "True Fans"/"Superfans" here.

Why does health matter in my music career? I’ll sleep when I die! YOLO. [Product Development]

Health might be the part of the music career you're struggling with and don't even realize.

Level 3: Definition of Success (Section 8)

IMBM Section 8: Level 3 "Definition of Success", live your personal definition of a successful music career and upkeep it sustainably so you can live at the top of your Pyramid!

Level 2: Money (Section 7)

IMBM Section 7: Level 2 Money, when you stop your non-music jobs and do your music full-time with Lifestyle Branding activities.

Level 2: Fans (Section 6)

IMBM Section 6: Level 2 Fans, when your True Fans hit the tipping point and you move into "label-funded" activities.

Level 1: Money (Section 5)

IMBM Section 5: Level 1 Money, funding your music career efficiently before you can do it full-time.

Level 1: Fans (Section 4)

IMBM Section 4: Level 1 Fans, starting from the bottom and gaining True Fans.

Laneway: Business Basics (Section 3)

IMBM Section 3: Business Basics Laneway, all your business necessities, none of the excess fluff you've been told to do.

Laneway: Product Development (Section 2)

IMBM Section 2: Product Development Laneway, how to optimize your music, health, and general living of your life.

The IMBM Intro (Section 1)

IMBM Section 1: An Introduction to the IMBM, and how it's "Where Music Careers Begin."

Pop Thief on Craiglist, Childish Gambino, and the Community behind indie musicians

We welcome Pop Thief into the MIC MVMT and hear their thoughts on our dope PGH indie music community (it's so much more than just "networking")

Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six and that one time Channing Tatum was at one of their shows (and didn't say hello)

MVMT-Welcoming Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six, who share why it's great to control your own destiny by being indie musicians

The unapologetic indie band Bad Custer is repping PGH’s “rugged, loud, and full of surprises” spirit

The unapologetic indie band Bad Custer reps PGH’s “rugged, loud, and full of surprises” spirit

How 1 fateful Uber ride manifested the raw collective-inner-self sound of PGH indie band A Little Less Human

Welcoming PGH indie band A Little Less Human into the MIC MVMT, and sharing their story on how 1 fateful Uber ride made it all happen.

Standard Broadcast: Quintessential PGH indie rock band and founders of The Indie-Rockfest

Standard Broadcast is the mastermind-organizer behind the Indie Rock Fest -- see behind-the-scenes of how a rock band incorporates a cello and does everything on their own, indie-style.

TV/Movie Composer Davin Wood on how to stop dithering and get your music out to the world (and onto things like Cartoon Network!)

MIC's client Kellee Maize took us to Hollywood, and Davin Wood's music made her Pop Star character nail the part -- here's how to be a successful indie composer like him.

June 2017: The IMBM Countdown is finally here.

The Countdown to the July IMBM "Blast" Begins -- since 2009 my MIC team and I have been waiting for this.

The Red Western on food, beating Foals at basketball, and the best parts about being indie

The Red Western on food, beating Foals at basketball, and the best parts about being indie

The Mixus Brothers, 2 villainous brothers in a western novel seeking revenge and serenading PGH

The Mixus Brothers, Jebbh and Red Mixus….two brothers out to avenge their slights.

The Hills and the Rivers - Busking DIY Folk Extraordinaires

Welcome The Hills and the Rivers to the MIC PGH Publishing Catalogue! Catch them busking around town this summer!

IMBM Intro: 5 Reasons You Can Have a Music Career

Need an intro to the IMBM? Here you go.

Punchline Lead Singer Steve Soboslai on how to make your life easier as an indie musician

Punchline Lead Singer Steve Soboslai is back in Pittsburgh, and gives some solid advice for indie musicians with their product development.

"Publishing" isn't as intense as it sounds

"Publishing" isn't as intense as it sounds, you're probably doing it already.

What is an Indie Musician? 4 details to clear your confusion

If you don't know what an "indie musician" is, well, here you go.

January 2017: Takeoff

The Takeoff. 2017 means the IMBM is (finally) being shared, after all these years of research.

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