Millaze - Emily Plazek

about me

I’m the founder of MIC and creator of The Mountain because I dreamed of becoming a music artist my entire life, and if I was going to figure out how to make it happen, then why not help others, too. Seemed stupid to not do so, especially because I somehow was as passionate for business as I was for music (that was a pleasant surprise). My work in hatha yoga & YMCA fitness instructing, and my passions for psychology & philosophy help me incorporate the "Personal" into The Mountain, too - it's a wildly fulfilling ride for me, and I love leading our intern team as they train for their own music industry careers. Most importantly, what gives me the utmost confidence in The Mountain is that I'm one of the many who use it, and it improves my life on a daily basis: I am an alt-pop piano-singer/songwriter with a new sound called Dreamhop, fashioned by the multi-talent (and ex-MIC-intern) Andrew Chris from On Tap. Welcome yourself into my world called Oakland. I am Millaze, follow me @iammillaze.

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