6) Level 3:

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When you reach the top of the Mountain, you’re alone. No one is there to be impressed by you, give you a medal, or ask you to pose for a picture - if you had those moments at all, they won't last entirety of the rest of your life. No one watched you during the entire climb so no one will completely understand how much effort you put in, except you. This was always just about you and your Mountain - your life, no one else’s. 

At the top it’s only your brain taking it all in - and if you did the climb correctly, your brain will giggle because, yes this view is amazing, but it sure is similar to the views it could see during the climb. If you did the climb right by building your perspective on your life, you felt success along the way, not just when you hit the “top”. 

Maybe next you’ll want to climb another Mountain, because your first Definition of Success feels fulfilled and you have a new one to climb. You can already see the next Mountain in your head now. In fact, this means that Level 3 doesn’t truly exist as a destination - because there is no end to your Mountain-climbing adventures now that you’re so skilled and in the thick of it. 

On the other side, maybe you’ll feel satisfied, and decide that now it’s time to learn how to fish. Or white water raft. Or scavenge for mushrooms. Everyone evolves. 

Your Mountain climb, your Music Career, is your life. May you use it in ways that get you closer to what success means to you, and keep climbing inch by inch to get there.

We’re here for you if you want even more personalized help: our one-on-one consulting sessions are personalized around your unique scenario. Most importantly to us though is that our sweaty years of research since 2013 get spread to as many musicians as possible. Use everything we gave you and don’t let your fellow music friends get jipped. Spread the love - because there is no good reason not to.

We want those invites into your Music Worlds - so come at us. Godspeed.

- Emily Plazek

Founder/Lead Strategy Expert
MIC: Music Industry Connected