the "How-TO" of the IMBM

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Now that you understand the landscape of the industry with the Pyramid version of the IMBM, go behind-the-scenes with dreamhop piano-improv artist, Millaze, to see the "How-To" "Process" of actually using the IMBM.

Starting October 2018, she's releasing The Dialectic Series -- our latest IMBM experiment to test out "creating a world" for superfans through "consistent content generation" in this new music-streaming era. Meaning: music releases every single week through Summer 2019 to paint out a narrative, both sides of a lost love story in Millaze's fictional world, Oakland.

This iteration of the IMBM is what we at MIC call "putting our money where our mouths are" -- we never preach what we don't practice. We're experiencing today's music industry with all the other indies, in real time, so our advice is never outdated. Plus, this self-made music career stuff is all just pure fun to follow, isn't it?

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