Intro to the Mountain:
The Big Picture

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The Mountain will show you that a music career is a balance of Events & Maintenance activities you manage for yourself - even when you grow a team around you, you'll need this ability to see your big picture. Before you buckle down into your own business though, let's do as all humans do and look around you, to see where you're a player in this game:

Step back and see the big picture of all the music jobs out there. The truth is, your music career is possible, because someone else is already living it.

Someone else has it, not you at the moment, because the two of you differ in your (1) circumstances and (2) perspective. The Mountain will quickly become your Sanctuary, the place you will go to help you evolve those two things to get that career, too.

By the time you finish learning The Mountain on the MIC website (by reading the 6 articles called the “6 Steps”, and exploring the hover-able Mountain visual), you will understand how to harness control over both of those two factors:   

- Circumstances: The Mountain lays out the general outline of how music careers are sculpted in this day and age, because the music industry isn’t what it used to be - this will help you create your unique plan to change your circumstances, in a way that lines you up with your definition of success, sitting atop a Mountain you build and personalize for yourself.

- Perspective: You need mental strength to create a music career, or climb a Mountain, so you’re able to harness “power in every position”, because there are advantages at every step of a music career, even anonymity; this mental strength is generated by your unique perspective, which you will strengthen control over as the Mountain teaches you the attitude behind a successful music career through Dialectic reasoning and self-deciding Principles.

These are the true meat and bones of successful music careers - it’s not just about writing a hit song, or “blowing up”. A music career has the potential to be a floor-scraping rat race, or a lifelong journey you create for yourself, where you balance your passion of art with making money from that art (because the reality of this world is that you need money to survive, and help others). The Mountain teaches you to create sustainable energy to take you through your music career climb on a daily basis because:

- As you build your education on potential music career options (circumstances), you naturally increase your ability to see through the common industry norms of wasting energy on non-issues and negativity. In a way, you rise above all the noise.  

- As you build your Mind Strength (perspective), you naturally increase your introspection, elevating the genuine quality of your art as you integrate your personal self into your music and career choices. Through this, you also understand that your career is not solely a far-off goal, it has already begun.

The Mountain reveals that the more you work on yourself, the more effortlessly your music career comes and holistically incorporates into your life, because you yourself are the foundation of the career, and where the music comes from.

When you finish reading the 6 articles of The Mountain’s 6 Steps you will be mentally equipped to write down your own Mountain business plan, that balance of Events & Maintenance. From here you'll leave The Mountain to seek out the how-tos of each activity (how to plan a tour, record and release albums/EPs/singles, utilize social media, do graphic design, etc.) on your own in trial and error, and from the other experts in the field.

Click here to begin reading through the 6 Steps, and godspeed.