Intro to the Mountain:
The Big Picture

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Your perception of yourself and your world has a direct effect on your career. You yourself are the foundation of the career, and where the music literally comes from. Altering your perception of yourself and what you believe in directly correlates with what kind of music career you create. So, we begin our Mountain journey with you here by letting you know that your belief will create a music career that is either a source of suffering, or a fulfilling adventure - because your belief connects and changes your perspective and circumstances.

A commercial music career (compared to other music careers) combines your passion for art, with the act of inviting people ("fans") into your world of art to support it ("money") - because money is the means by which you build your world of art, and a necessary requirement for survival.

The Mountain will help you grow Fans and Money through 6 Steps that show you how a music career can be simplified down to Maintenance & Events. These 6 Steps give you the power to alter your perspective and circumstances. If you refrain from judgement (which is both positive and negative), you can see the objectivity we're pointing out here.

This lens of Dialectic understanding (not seeing black/white) is one of your secret weapons. It becomes your fount of sustainable energy because it frees you from suffering (jealousy, worry, self-doubt, indignation, bitterness anxiety, etc.). Any negativity that fired up in defiance when reading the last paragraph is a projection of yourself, to yourself - in this way, pain is a useful indicator to show us where we are working against ourselves.

Here is how the Mountain helps you apply that Dialectic understanding, and tap into that fount of sustainable energy:

- Perspective: In Steps 1 & 2, the Mountain encourages the growth of your mind's strength through creating belief in your product, your ability, and the realistic landscape of the industry. Since belief has the power to either breed or wipe out energy-sucking negativity within the mind, we help you create a perspective that helps you, not tears you down. The Mountain emphasizes realistic principles to live by, like the significance of your Music World, the First Circle Conundrum, and the Power in Every Position (high fame, anonymity, and everywhere in between has its perks) - and much, much more. Through this mind strength-building, you also understand that your career is not solely a far-off goal, it has already begun.

- Circumstances: In Steps 3, 4, 5, & 6, the Mountain lays out the exact items you need to accomplish to build a music career, and the parts that are more up to artistic decision. This enables you to create your own unique plan to change your circumstances, in a way that lines you up with your definition of success. Your education on potential music career options you may not have understood the existence or execution of will naturally increase your ability to see through the common industry norms of wasting energy on non-issues and negativity. In a way, you rise above all the noise.

The Mountain supports your personal journey to sculpt your beliefs and therefore alter those pivotal determinators of your career, as you create your big picture strategy plan. Since the Mountain is about the big picture, it is not a fully immersive step-by-step guide to understand and execute each puzzle piece (tour-planning, music production, press, sync licensing). It does cover the basics, and our Music Career Diagnostics can get more into those specific “how-to’s” if you choose - but there is much more to learn within each field. Therefore, we recommend the books, materials, and courses by field experts like these: Ari Herstand (his blog, book, and Academy), the directories at The Indie Bible (this is a referral link), Bree Noble (FEMusician materials, podcast, and programs), Amanda Krieg Thomas (her book on Sync Licensing) and Randy Chertkow/Jason Feehan (Making Money with Music book), and other helpful thought leaders and resources across the industry. 

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