FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is MIC and what do you do?

MIC is "Music Industry Connected". We share our one-of-a-kind, non-cookie-cutter IMBM at the Sanctuary Blog, and also personally consult musicians to set them up with unique IMBM business gameplan so they're never dependent on us, or anyone else.

We offer 3 services at MIC: 
1) You can use our IMBM: Indie Music Business Model for free at our Sanctuary Blog -- go read it and use it to create your own music career gameplan. 
2) You can join the MVMT and get all the perks of being a part of our network.
3) You can request a one-on-one consulting session via Skype/Facetime with a MIC Strategy Consultant. In that call, you would build your own custom business gameplan based on the IMBM that tells you everything you need to do, and the team you need to build, to create your dream career.

In 2013, MIC was originally founded as "MIC PGH (Pittsburgh)" by indie musicians for indie musicians in one of the quintessential indie music cities in the USA: Pittsburgh, PA. In 2017, MIC expanded nationally in its unique operations as a music career consultancy (not a label or a management company) developing and spreading the IMBM.

We’re “Music Industry Connected” because we demystify the music business for you, connecting the pieces of the puzzle that historically trip up and trick musicians into bad deals. No matter your music career goal, our IMBM: Indie Music Business Model is where your music career begins.

If you want to sign to a label, you need to start as an “indie” (independent) anyway. Record labels don't dish out development deals like they used to - you've got to bust down their doors with your impressive brand, social media stats, and finished music product before they’ll consider signing you.  

If you want to be indie, the IMBM shows you how. Equipped with the legal, financial, and other business basics you need, you’ll know how to make money off your music and achieve your own unique definition of success. As an indie, you’ll harness complete creative control over your music’s content, team, timeline, and ownership/revenue splits.

What are all these abbreviations and branches all about?

The name of the MIC game is the IMBM and The MVMT.

We're the home of the world's first IMBM: Indie Music Business Model, a "Choose Your Own Adventure" model for indie musicians to create music careers without labels, in non-hub cities (like Pittsburgh, get it?). Some call it the "New Music Business", we call it the "Indie Music Industry" -- at the end of the day we're all about helping indie musicians achieve their definition of success. Read all about it in the Sanctuary blog here.

Our mission to rally this paradigm shift of the music industry towards independence (think Chance the Rapper, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) can't be achieved on our own -- so we started The MVMT as a way for indie musicians of all types (and the creative freelancers that support them)  to network with each other, while acknowledging we're all in this indie movement together.