TEll us that Origin Story

What is MIC?

MIC is "Music Industry Connected" because we connect the pieces of the puzzle for musicians so they can create their own careers. Our music business model, The Mountain, simplifies the music career startup journey by showing the big picture so musicians can then plan Events & Maintenance that will help them "climb" to their personal Definition of Success.

The Mountain is shared on our website in The Sanctuary because there are simply not enough hours in the day to personally work with every musician that The Mountain can benefit - and we believe a rising tide raises all ships anyway.

We also offer one-on-one consulting sessions called Music Career Diagnostics. In these Diagnostics, MIC founder and Mountain creator Emily Plazek conducts a personal case study on a musician's unique situation.

If you're a timeline kind of person, here's a little gift from us to you:

In 2009, our research began as MIC founder-to-be Emily Plazek attended The University of Pittsburgh’s business school instead of music school in order to help fellow aspiring musicians like her by starting a company upon graduation.

In 2013, MIC was founded by indie musicians for indie musicians in one of the quintessential indie music cities in the USA: Pittsburgh, PA, and field experiments with MVMT members began.

In 2017, MIC released the first edition of its MBM (Music Business Model), The IMBM Pyramid. The Pyramid was a misnomer that the MIC interns pointed out to Emily sounded like a Pyramid scheme, but it was not adjusted in time, and so life goes sometimes. Then, MIC expanded nationally.

In 2019, after more research pruning & polishing, Emily released the second edition of the MBM, The Mountain, to the public. This iteration of The Mountain finally incorporated MIC's unique goal of full-life integration into the business process (balancing personal mental and physical health with business strategy and execution) in a super-simplified visual and 6-Step method that washes away overwhelm from the average musician's poor brain.