About MIC

WhAt's Mic's History?

MIC is "Music Industry Connected" because we connect the pieces of the puzzle for musicians so they can create their own careers. We share our research, The Mountain, on our website at no cost to musicians. We also do one-on-one consulting sessions, called Music Career Diagnostics.

In 2009, research began as MIC founder-to-be Emily Plazek attended The University of Pittsburgh’s business school (instead of music school) in order to help fellow aspiring musicians like her by starting a company upon graduation.

In 2013, MIC was founded by indie musicians for indie musicians in one of the quintessential indie music cities in the USA: Pittsburgh, PA, and field experiments with MVMT members began.

In 2017, MIC released the first edition of its MBM (Music Business Model), The IMBM Pyramid. Then, it expanded nationally.

In 2019, the second edition of the MBM, The Mountain was released to the public.

What are these abbreviations all about?

No one can create a music career completely alone, so we started The MVMT as a way for indie musicians of all types (and the creative freelancers that support them)  to network with each other, while acknowledging we're all in this indie movement together. You can join The MVMT, here.